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Our Family profile


The Myriam Beth’lehem Family is first and foremost:

  • A spiritual Family of consecrated brothers, sisters and priests.
  • An Experience of Providence* lived out as family for a renewal of the baptismal consecration.
  • A school of formation to a complementarity of familial mutual help, and a new avenue of holiness for everyone.

    * An experience of Providence: to experience personally and bring others to experience that God is a loving Father always at work in our lives.

A bit of history…

Historical background

The Myriam Beth’Lehem Family was founded on the North Shore of Quebec in Baie-Comeau on January 13, 1979. Warmly welcomed by Most Reverend Jean-Guy Couture, bishop of the diocese of Baie-Comeau, Sister Jeanne Bizier, foundress, deeply perceived as Intuition, the filial renewal of the baptismal consecration, flowing subsequently from a breath of communion from the Second Vatican Council.

This newly born community was greeted with a pastoral recognition as a spiritual Family of consecrated brothers, sisters, and of priests, by Most Reverend Roger Ebacher; and was then granted by Most Reverend Pierre Morissette the canonical status of a public Association of Faithful in view of becoming an Institute of consecrated life.


Sister Jeanne Bizier was born in the Canadian Beauce, in St Victor QC; the twelfth child of a family of fourteen. Right from her childhood, she is marked by the never ending love of God her Father, and by Jesus' offering. Soundly guided by Msgr Émile Turgeon, her journey of intimacy with Jesus increasingly deepened.  

Sister Jeanne joins the religious order of the "Sisters Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary" where she will mission almost forty years as educator. While in prayer, Sister Jeanne received an inspiration word-for-word: "It is an Experience of Providence that I expect of you." Well advised by her spiritual guide, after a series of providential events, and in faithfulness to God’s will on her behalf, Sister Jeanne moves on to found a new community: The Myriam Beth’lehem Family.

A Unified Life

The Myriam spirituality is based on a half-time uniquely consecrated to prayer and formation; and a half-time as well for evangelization.

It is also distinguished by a contemplative life of listening to God with focus on Eucharistic adoration. Through the sharing of a fraternal life of joyful simplicity, this expression of the spirituality aims to be in the manner of the Holy Family, and takes flesh by a life at the service of communion, as well by the mission of substitution of all in the offering of Jesus.

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