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Our mission in Regina, Saskatchewan

Myriam-des-Prairires / Myriam of the Prairies
Founded : November 1, 2000


Our mission is bilingual to meet the needs of Francophones and Anglophones in Western Canada. It is vibrant with parish retreats, summer camps for youth and regular school visits to Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. We produced English CDs of our little songs, our words of life and the rosary, and we translated into English the writings of our Foundress.


Hand-out for activities


Parish retreats, Confirmation, First Communion and Graduation retreats.

Presentation and/or animation in parishes, schools, senior homes etc.

Bible camps for children or families

Youth weekends

Family Challenge: one-day retreats for families (parents, children, grand-parents together). Prayer, teaching adapted to each age group, family activities such as craftwork or others, singing...

Mission Projects for groups of young people or adults: material and spiritual preparation, community life with our missions in Haiti.

Word of Life Workshops (adults, teenagers, children): through melodies and simple actions, a way of memorizing and deepening our understanding of the Word of God, for the personal journey of faith or for evangelization.

For information
or prayer over the phone:

Myriam Family of the Prairies
2527E Margaret Place
Regina SK S4V 1Z4
Tel: (306) 761-0528


A Bit of History ...

The Myriam Family originated in Baie-Comeau, Quebec, and was warmly welcomed in 1978 by Bishop Jean-Guy Couture. The canonical recognition of the Myriam Family took place in September 2006 with Bishop Pierre Morissette erecting it as a Public Association of Lay Faithful, in order to become an Institute of Consecrated Life. He also approved ad experimentum the Constitutions of the community; reiterated by bishop Jean-Pierre Blais in 2010, new bishop of Baie-Comeau.

This New Community, a Spiritual Family of consecrated life, is made up of sisters, brothers and brothers-priests. Their time is devoted to prayer and evangelization everywhere in the world. Since 1978, the Community has grown to 12 foundations, namely 6 in Quebec, 1 in New Brunswick, 1 in Saskatchewan, 2 in Haiti, 1 in Belgium, 1 in Russia and one in Uruguay.. Thousands of people relate to the Myriam Family, either by precise commitments (as affiliate members or through other forms of spiritual kinship) or by nourishing their life and commitment of faith with the specifics of a spirituality of communion.

Through its missionary spirit, the Myriam Family brings a message of hope in the Church, especially to the family and the youth.

The Myriam Family was welcomed in the diocese of Regina by Archbishop Peter Mallon on November 1st, 2000 and, after two years in Gravelbourg, is now established in the heart of the city of Regina. 


· Morning Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours): praying with psalms, Tuesdays to Fridays:
- 9:30 Tuesdays to Fridays at our place (2527E Margaret Place).
· Adoration: one hour in the afternoon:
- 4::00 PM Tuesdays to Fridays at our place
· Evening Prayer: one hour of adoration (with songs, silence, payers):
-including a pot luck supper: from 5-9 PM- Thursday evenings at our place
· Tele-Prayer: for a moral or spiritual support or prayer ministry through prayer over the phone: everyday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (306) 761-0528
· Seminars: Spiritual formation, teaching, prayer experience, once a month. Registration required.
· Myriam Youth Challenge Groups: Meetings for the youth, from 3 to 30 years old; monthly gatherings with a focus on faith, the Bible, the Catechism, charity... Teaching, activities, prayer experience.
· Myriam Challenge Groups for couples : A way to grow in our spiritual journey, our commitment within the Church, our couple and/or family life - an experience of a spirituality of communion. Meetings once a month.
· Myriam Offering Challenge, Wisdom Challenge: Spiritual restoring time for persons who have committed themselves to pray in a special way for the Bishop of their diocese, the priest of their parish, for youth and vocations. Meetings twice a year. 


on sale at our house or on site during parish retreats

· CD’s and Song books of our “filial songs” in English, French, Spanish, Russian;

· CDs of the Rosary in French, in English and in Russian

· Instrumental religious music;

· “The Bread of the Word of God” in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German;

· “Inspirational Cards” in French and English;

· Reproductions of icons and exclusive religious paintings.

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Our coordinates 

2527 Margaret Place East 
Regina, Saskatchewan S4V 1Z4
Phone : 306-761-0528
Email :

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